What makes us different

Not all chocolate is created equal…

We believe that mass market chocolate products have attributed to people creating false preconceptions as to what chocolate really is.img213

The cocoa flavours found in chocolate originate from the Cocoa Solids and Cocoa Butter extracted from the cocoa beans during manufacturing. Mass produced chocolate contains very few Cocoa Solids and very little, or in some instances, no Cocoa Butter (the Cocoa Butter is substituted with vegetable oil or poor quality alternatives). This results in chocolate which has low grade cocoa flavours, whose quality is so inferior, it should not even be able to bear the 'chocolate' name!

Here at Cocoa Red we work with REAL chocolate which is high in Cocoa Solids and contains 100% real Cocoa Butter . The aromas, flavors and textures of REAL chocolate are superior in every way.

Most mass produced chocolate


  • Poor and negligent production methods
  • Inferior quality cocoa beans not checked for ripeness or quality
  • Cocoa beans sourced from the Ivory Coast and Ghana, where child labour and child exploitation are common



  • Looks blotchy, dull, streaky or rough
  • Weak in low grade cocoa flavours
  • Grainy in texture    
  • No aroma or smells artificially ‘oversweet.’

Real chocolate




  • Evenly coloured and shiny
  • Abundant in complex, clean and surprising cocoa flavours
  • Silky in texture
  • Intense chocolate aroma with earthy, fruity or floral undercurrents

A fresh chocolate is unlike anything else…

img226We handcraft all of our filled chocolates using fresh fruits, fresh herbs and spices and fresh cream and butter and never add artificial additives or preservatives to our recipes. When you taste strawberries in our chocolates, you are tasting real, fresh strawberries; when you taste passion fruit, you are tasting real, fresh passion fruit.

Fresh Manx chocolates are incredible and are remarkably different to mass market chocolates. Fresh Manx chocolates are pure, refined and intense and have the most irresistible textures!

Just like fresh produce, our filled chocolates, too, have a limited shelf life and are best consumed within 2 WEEKS OF PURCHASE.


We source the finest ingredients worldwide…

We believe chocolates are at their best in their purest and finest form. We, therefore, spend an incredible amount of time sourcing the best and most natural of ingredients. Our chocolate is often sourced from aromatic Grand Crus , Cru Sauvage and Single Origin cocoa bean varieties, ourimg180fresh fruits originate from the world’s best agricultural areas, our nuts are sourced from Valencia and Piedmont (regions famous for exceptional quality) and our exotic spices, teas, coffees and liqueurs are sourced from the World’s finest producers and growers.

Sometimes the best ingredients are right under your nose…

We believe sourcing as much quality local produce as possible is the key to creating the finest and most distinctive fresh chocolates.

The Isle of Man, due to its’ rich and diverse fertile landscape, has an exceptional variety of fresh and award winning local produce which we incorporate into our recipes all year round.

Our chocolates, seasonal collections and made to order patisserie items all contain ingredients which we have locally sourced.

Our Fantastic Manx Suppliers

  • Apple Orphanage Co Ltd

  • Bushy’s Brewery

  • Cooil’s Dairy

  • Ellerslie Rapeseed Oil

  • Faye Christian Ceramics

  • Green Mann Spring Limited

  • Isle of Man Creameries

  • Manx Honey

  • Manxteaandcoffee.com

  • Paper Stitch

  • Staarvey Farm

If we have missed out any of our fabulous local producers,
please Let Us Know!

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