A little bit about our family history...

Use our interactive timeline below to discover the fascinating key events which led up to Karl, our Head Chocolatier, forming Cocoa Red.

  • 1880
    Eclipse Candy Company is founded on Cows Lane in Salford, Manchester. Eclipse Candy Company manufactures all types of boiled sweets including lollipops, rock and its’ famous ‘Regina Butter Mints.’
  • 1930

    Karl's Great Great Uncles, Walter Johnson (top far left) and Joshua Johnson (Bottom far left)

    Karl’s Great, Great Uncles Walter and Joshua Johnson join the Eclipse Candy Company. Joshua assumes the position of Sales Representative in Scotland whilst Walter fulfils the position of Sales Director.

  • 1948
    Karl’s Great Uncle, Bob Johnson, joins the Eclipse Candy Company. Bob works as a Sugar Boiler and is later assigned to the position of Sales Representative.
  • 1956
    Eclipse Candy Company is sold to a Financial Institution who manage it for many years.
  • 1959

    A trade show in 1959.

    Eclipse Candy Company is sold to “Casket Confectionery Company,” of Patricroft, near Manchester.

  • 1960’s

    Bob Johnson joins the American company Wrigley’s and remains employed here for a staggering 32 years!

    Did you know?

    Wrigley’s was founded on April 1, 1891 and originally sold products such as soap and baking powder.

    In 1892, however, Wrigley’s began offering chewing gum with each can of baking powder sold and the chewing gum eventually became more popular than the baking powder! The company was, therefore, restructured to produce the famous Wrigley’s chewing gum which we are all familiar with today!

  • 1970’s

    Eclipse Candy Company is sold to “Maxons”, a sweet manufacturer based in Sheffield.

    Image © Maxons Sweets, Bradbury Street, Sheffield, United Kingdom, S8 9QQ.

  • 1985

    As a young boy, Karl visits his Uncle Mark’s shop and becomes fascinated by the extensive assortment of fresh chocolates, precisely stacked chocolate bars and chocolate figurines on display. Karl especially enjoys being given new chocolates to try every time he visits and is captivated by the heavenly chocolate aroma which fills his Uncle’s shop!

  • 1991

    Influenced by his mother’s skilful cooking and through his own passion for honest, good food, Karl becomes an enthusiastic baker of breads, cakes, and pastries and discovers his TRUE PASSION for working with CHOCOLATE.


  • 2006

    Karl, FINALLY, decides to set up his own chocolate business, Cocoa Red. In preparation of this, Karl gains experience with some of the world’s finest Chocolatiers including Keith Hurdman, Paul Wayne Gregory and Oliver Nicol.


  • 2009

    Karl launches Cocoa Red at the Isle of Man Food Festival in September 2009.

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